Production line

Promatis has at its disposal the following automatic production lines:

  • Production line for PCBs with THT components
  • 2 production lines for PCBs with SMD components


Description of the production line for PBCs with THT components

This line uses now outdated technology which is used mostly for the production of higher power supply, with physically large THT resistors or inverters. It is used for the so-called wave soldering of components. The line is used for the manufacture of devices using both the non-RoHS and RoHS technique (lead and lead-free soldering).

Several operators within the system of this production line hand-solder the larger components (which cannot be soldered by machines) or repair already soldered PCBs.

Description of the production line for PCBs with SMD components

Production lines for PCBs with SMD components are semi-automatic.
They are based on Samsung Pick & Place machines.

Their operation runs as follows:

a) A new panel with empty PCBs (several pieces of the same board) is placed on the printer, where the soldering paste is applied to strictly specified areas of contact between the elements.

b) Such a panel is then hand-inserted into the pick & place machine, in which SMD components are automatically, with the use of cameras, placed on the specified areas on the board.

c) After this machine and optical control, the panel itself is placed into the so-called reflow device where components are soldered onto the board itself using infrared heaters of various heating degrees (the so-called soldering profile).

d) After cooling to room temperature, the accuracy of soldering and the position of the components are tested, and short circuits are sought either using the SAKI machine (automatic optical control of the machine itself) or manually by our expert personnel.

e) The expert personnel also conduct the first maintenance interventions (repairs) if any fault on the boards is discovered during quality control.

f) After the basic check of the soldering, additional checks are conducted according to the customer’s requirements.
These can include:
– performance accuracy check (insertion of the test software),
– humidity, temperature and atmosphere resistance check
– simulation of aging of the device to test the possibilities and extent of the warranty, etc.
– in our company, we also conduct some smaller tests in order to warrant the CE mark.

List of our machines

List of the machines we own:

Printers for PCB:
1. Essemtec SP003
2. ISSN HPA350

Pick&Place Machines
1. Samsung CP-45FV Neo
2. Samsung CP-40CV

1. Contact Systems 240C
2. Seho -Flowstar4036 1.7
3. Heller 1707 MKIII

First visual Inspection
1. MEI (with camera)
2. Mantis

Wave soldering machines
1. ERSA 250C (Blei-frei legura)
2. ZEWA olovna legura

Photos of our production line