Svjeteće licitarsko srce

SLH-25 – Light-Emitting Gingerbread Heart


Gingerbread Heart in the Croatian Tradition

Gingerbread cookies (licitari) are colorfully decorated biscuits of sweet honey dough, traditionally made in the north of Croatia. Every gingerbread cookie is unique and hand-made. The custom of bestowing a gingerbread heart, by which a young man shows a girl his affection and love, is deeply rooted in the Croatian tradition (“The Gingerbread Heart” ballet by K. Baranović).

Small gingerbread cookies are very popular for the decoration of Christmas trees in Croatian homes, whereas the larger ones are usually given away on special occasions.


Gingerbread Heart – Authentic Croatian Souvenir

Owing to the great skill of Croatian craftsmen and their unique way of painting, gingerbread has become one of Croatia’s national symbols and an authentic traditional souvenir. The tradition of making gingerbread was included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in 2010.


Light-Emitting Gingerbread Heart – Blend of the National Tradition and Modern Technology

The system is based on a “Heart within a Heart” – a printed circuit board with LEDs.
When it comes to the final design of the Heart, the possibilities are varied and numerous. It can be made according to your wishes and requests!


Possible Uses

A light-emitting gingerbread heart is suitable for many uses:

  • as decoration
  • as a gift
  • as a souvenir
  • for various promotional activities
  • etc.

PDF presentation of the Promatis light-emitting gingerbread heart