SPP 22


Many devices in Croatian industrial plants are shipped from all over the world. Most of these are manufactured without some security essentials and are not particularly robust, although the demands on them are great. The majority of these devices come from the Far Eastern markets, where such basic principles of robust device production are often neglected.

Special devices for the production of plastic bottles have specialized electronic guidance which is extremely sensitive to changes in operational voltage. Also, during the unplugging of various electronic devices within the factory, different inductive equalizing currents appear, which are in their nature very high, but brief. They can cause damage to unprotected devices, which is detrimental for productivity and production, as well as for the device itself; these currents can also cause fires.


The SPP-22 device prevents such damage. The device is placed as an additional component onto the electronic guidance for the stuffer, and with its passive and active action prevents the negative effects of the destructive inductive currents. It simply cuts the excess voltage, and if it senses a sudden increase in the current, it shuts down the electric circuit. That way it prevents mechanical damage to the electronic guidance of the stuffers, as well as possible fires.

This protection principle of the electronic guidance of the stuffers is very convenient and practical because the manufacturer of the stuffer does not have to be changed, and there is no need for large interventions on the stuffer itself. Light and practical, simply applied – that is what makes the SPP-22 device interesting to anyone who wishes to prevent unwanted occurrences in their industrial plant.