USB Card Reader

“USB CARD READER” was devised with the purpose of reading specially constructed USB flash drives designed in the shape of a credit card. Such a USB flash drive was created and developed by the Israeli company Walltex Inc.

Unlike other USB readers, this “USB CARD READER” had to meet particular requirements – both mechanical and regarding software:

  • Mechanical (regardless of the way the card is inserted, it always needs to have contact, as well as great mechanical resilience – the keyboard facing the operator has to be exceptionally robust);
  • Software (enables internet connection via mini USB connectors, exceptionally capable hardware which can read such a large memory card – up to 64GB, and the memorization of all transactions executed with this card).

Such a card reader allows for the use of all the advantages which this USB flash drive offers, namely:

  1. Paying bills using the flash drive
  2. Conducting marketing activities (paying extra drinks after a certain amount is spent)
  3. User ID in the case of security issues

More about the credit-card-shaped USB flash drive on: www.walletex. com